Thursday, May 31, 2012

Germany continued

Our second day in Germany we headed to Heidelberg.  It was a two hour drive from where we were, but was going in the direction of home.  I loved this city.  It was a good mix of feeling like a small town within a larger city.  I still want to see the larger cities in Germany(Berlin, Munich) but I am so glad we got to experience Heidelberg.  

Walking along the river

Walkway to the bridge

The castle in the background in the Heidelberg castle.  We walked up many stairs to get up to the castle and get a better view of the city.

Small, colorful German streets

Such a pretty city

Lunch time!

Another great German beer that we tasted

Cheers...I mean Proost!!! 
(sorry for the lighting this and the next pic are from Brent's phone)
Brent, Ross and Katie all got Pork knuckle for lunch.  They were all pretty excited when this was put down in front of them!

While everyone else was enjoying their meat, I indulged in the carbs Germany had to offer!  This was fantastic~ it was a German pasta dish mixed with onions and sauerkraut, nom nom!

After lunch, in an effort to work off some of that food, we took the stairs up to the castle.

View of the city from the terrace of the castle

Brent and I on the terrace

A tower in the castle where the side looked like it fell off into the ground

On the way down from the castle we stopped at a gift shop and saw a little piece of home.  Minnesota was one of two state badges that they had for purchase.  Our assumption is that a lot of people from the Heidelberg area ended up in Minnesota way back in the day.(If I am wrong please feel free to let me know:))

That night we decided that the couples would each do their own thing.  Brent and I climbed up to an overlook on the opposite side of the castle hoping we could catch sunset up there.  Our hunger got the best of us though and once we were up there sunset looked like it was not going to happen for awhile.

View of the city from the overlook 

Can you spot me in the picture?

Thanks Ross and Katie for being our travel partners for the week and for the great times!

My good friends Nora and Mike have been in town visiting us this week, which is why I have been MIA again.  I promise lot of pictures from their visit!

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